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  • Creating Objectives

    Goals, by nature, are big, lofty ideas. They help organizations move as a unit and set a clear course, but on their own, they don’t offer much direction, which is why we create objectives to measure our success. By definition, objectives should be specific and quantitative. They are the most effective when paired with a […]

  • Goal Setting

    As we swing into a new year, it’s important to take a step back and reflect. By considering what went well, along with which areas need work, you can set meaningful, effective goals for the next phase. Choosing a direction for growth can be overwhelming, but when you take an objective look, the answers become […]

  • Rebranding Multipub

    Multipub has been a client of ours for several years. We’ve partnered on a number of projects, but our largest has been rebranding the company. In our 2014 strategic marketing plan, we looked for ways to mitigate challenges they faced. One of the most pervasive was that their product and company name had become disconnected […]

  • Google Analytics Terms & Definitions

    Google Analytics offers a wealth of information that will help you understand your audience. You can learn how site visitors are interacting with your brand, marketing efforts and of course, website. It delivers demographic data, information on referring sites and breakdowns of which content is the most popular bringing data into focus. That being said the […]

  • Part II: Using Your Mission and Vision Statements

    Now that you’ve written your mission and vision statements, it’s time to put them into action. Unfortunately, this is where most companies fall flat. They may plan a roll-out event or introduce them to their clients (which are important steps). However, their relationship with both mission and vision often end here. But, this should just […]

  • Part 1: Writing Your Mission and Vision Statements

    Mission and vision statements get a bad rap for a lot of reasons, but having the right ones in place can help steer the course of how you do business. When done right, these give employees a common focus and outlook, ensuring your whole team is moving in the same direction. So, let’s start at […]