Our Services

At Dotted Line Marketing, we understand one size doesn’t fit all. We offer a variety of services and can create a tailored plan to meet your needs. Below is a sampling of the marketing services we provide:

What We Do

Strategic Planning

Achieving your goals is possible with a strategic plan. We’ll create a mix of services that is right for you complete with timelines and budgets.

Content Development

Your content should feature your business’s personality and internal expertise. We have experience creating original copy for websites, blogs and social media channels. Let us help you cultivate a consistent, engaging presence across all platforms.

Email Marketing

Sharing your thought leadership is a great way to generate leads. We can create and distribute newsletters and promotional emails that showcase your company’s expertise.

Event Marketing

From initial concept to the day of the event, we can help you create a thought-provoking and memorable experience for your guests. Our team can develop the plan for your upcoming meeting, conference or soirée and then manage all the details relating to it.

Proposals and Presentations

Creating targeted and concise sales materials with a strong ROI is something at which we excel. Over the years, we have written winning proposal responses and presentations. Our team is skilled at InDesign, Prezi and Power Point and can even conduct a constructive, third-party review of your existing materials.

Tradeshow Marketing

Exhibiting at tradeshows can be a great way to garner new business. We can increase your ROI by creating and executing a sales plan specific to your event. We'll develop a strategy for pre-promotion, as well as follow-up and help you leverage content from the conference.

Social Media

Maintaining a consistent social media presence can be challenging. We start by crafting a personalized calendar that reinforces your brand’s unique point of view. Then, we can help write copy, pull imagery, and post to your channels to keep your organization on track.

Speaking Applications and Award Submittals

Showcasing your company’s internal thought-leadership is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Our firm has crafted successful speaking applications and award submittals. Let us guide you through the process and secure a win for your business.

Client and Customer Surveys

For years, we’ve helped our clients gather value business intelligence data through surveys. Working to answer your pressing questions, we can create a customized in-person or online questionnaire. Then, we’ll take the data collected and review it to identify any trends that could impact your business.


Making original videos is an excellent way to highlight your brand. Considering your goals, we’ll select a format and overall message that works for you. Together, we’ll come up with a unique way to tell your business’s story.

Sales Plans and Materials

When working with small businesses, we’ve often evaluated their sales processes. Walking through their approach, we work with them to identify pinch points. We use that information to make templates and implement strategies that save time.

Whitepapers, Case Studies & Articles

Highlight your internal expertise by releasing whitepapers, case studies and articles. Use them as a lead generation tool or simply to boost your site’s SEO. At Dotted Line, we can help you identify topics, interview team members or clients, draft copy, design eye-catching articles and establish a promotional plan for the article’s release.

Competitor Research

Knowing who your competitors are and what they’re offering can help you identify gaps in the market. When researching companies, we look at their marketing presence, services, and other key factors. Then, we compile the data to show you trends, commonalities and how you could stand-out.

Webinar Development & Promotion

Webinars can be used in a number of ways. We’ve helped clients create sessions to increase stickiness with customers and have developed presentations to drive sales. No matter your goals, we can help you select topics, refine content and market the virtual event.