Every partnership at Dotted Line Marketing begins with a conversation.

We’ll ask about your goals, current marketing materials, ideal client and brand. We use those details to create a plan that’s right for your organization and budget. Our personalized approach was designed to fit seamlessly with your business. Leveraging your internal thought leadership, we’ll deliver materials and a sound sales strategy that reflects your culture and market.

How We Are Different

Before founding Dotted Line Marketing, our owner, Lane Odle, worked primarily for small businesses. While those employers would leverage consulting firms for large scale projects, she often found she needed a strategic partner who could help execute items on her daily to do list. She designed Dotted Line to do both.

Working as an extension of your staff, we form long-term partnerships that increase efficiency and growth. We do this by getting to know our clients’ businesses and producing materials on their behalf that highlight their strengths. We develop an approach and then, either complete the scope of work on our clients’ behalf or provide project management support – whichever method works for their business.

For our partners, this translates to a smaller investment of their time and the opportunity to make a more significant impact. Together, we are able to produce more materials, cultivate consistency and target their ideal clients.

How We Work

We start each project by setting goals, creating a schedule and developing a customized plan. We’ll dig into how you work, what sets you apart and the resources you have available. Together, we will discuss your typical client, identifying who they are and what drives them.

Using those details, we’ll create a plan and strategy that’s right for your business. For it, we will select services that make the largest impact and connect closely with your goals. It will also include a detailed schedule of when each task should occur.

In that plan, we’ll also identify who will be responsible for each task. At Dotted Line Marketing, we can either work with your existing marketing team or handle the entire project ourselves. This approach helps our clients stay within budget by allowing them to complete some items on their own and rely on us for others.

Once the game plan is in place, we put the strategy into action. Working as an extension of your staff, we will perform the marketing services outlined in the plan, minimizing the time commitment for you. Our team can meet directly with your thought leaders to develop content or gather information from a single contact.

Who We Support

Dotted Line Marketing works with small, business-to-business companies. Most are located in the Kansas City area and have 30 employees or less. They are service providers and consultants who may or may not have an internal marketing team. We get to know each unique organization by working, in many cases, with their entire staff.


 Dotted Line Marketing has gotten to know our business and industry. We first used their services to analyze and gather valuable business intelligence data. Now, we partner with them to develop the kind of content our current and prospective clients want to read. They’re able to showcase our wide-array of services and stay on-brand with little time investment from our team.

Ryan Elder, Principal, Facility Systems, Inc.
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