Our Client Portoflio

Affinis Corp.
Moving Communities Forward

Affinis Corp is a civil engineering firm with a clear point of view. Their mission is to move communities forward, and it informs every decision they make.

Since 2013, we’ve completed a wide-variety of projects with Affinis. Some of these have included:

  • Managing the strategic redesign of their website.
  • Creating a comprehensive communications plan.
  • Crafting responses to proposals.
  • Developing interview materials.
  • Evaluating current and past RFP submittals and elements.
  • Developing an editorial calendar for the company blog and creating original, weekly content for it.
  • Creating and managing winning award submittal responses, including marketing honors from the Society for Marketing Professional Services Kansas City and the Zweig Group.
  • Conducting a client survey.
  • Organizing their annual Industry Summit.
  • Developing a sales plan for attending and exhibiting at events.
  • Reviewing and creating new content for their online portfolio.
  • Creating a co-worker presentation plan.

Drawing Guests In

bcDESIGNGROUP believes all design should be “pretty and smart.” An architecture and interior design firm, businesses often select them for their expertise, but it’s their fun-loving attitudes that keep clients coming back year after year.

In working with bcDESIGNGROUP, we’ve completed the following projects:

  • Conducted competitor research.
  • Identified new industries for sales pursuits and the firm’s differentiator.
  • Created a tagline and elevator speech.
  • Built a sales outreach strategy.
  • Developed targeted, monthly email newsletters.
  • Researched key sales contacts, events and awards.
  • Streamlined business development efforts.

Facility Systems, Inc.
Facilitating Change

Facility Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive approach to facility management. A one-stop-shop, their focus is to simplify space changes. Their team is knowledgeable, down-to-earth and pragmatic.

Some of the work we’ve done together has included:

  • A strategic marketing plan.
  • Competitive market research.
  • Copywriting for a new brochure.
  • Creation of a blog editorial calendar.
  • Development of blog content.

Helix Architecture + Design
Creating Thoughtful Spaces

Helix Architecture + Design is often recognized for their innovative, award-winning work. Storytellers, their projects often fuse past and present, featuring details that personally relate to their clients.

We’ve partnered with their marketing team on:

  • Distributing and writing newsworthy press releases.
  • Showcasing Helix’s thought leaders with targeted eblasts.
  • Writing and editing copy for proposal responses.
  • Developing click-worthy blog posts.
  • Creating compelling responses to award submissions.

HMN Architects, Inc.
Designing High-Performance Spaces

HMN Architects, Inc. is a respected architecture firm known for their ability to capture the needs and aesthetics of their clients with cost-effective and functional designs. Their playful work environment makes partnering with them a lot of fun.

We’ve worked with HMN on a number of projects. Some of these include:

  • Managing the redesign of their website.
  • Developing a strategic marketing plan with a comprehensive budget.
  • Writing and posting blog content.
  • Creating responses to proposals.
  • Designing interview materials.
  • Creating project cut sheets for their portfolio.

Landworks Studio
Connecting People Through Design

Landworks Studio is a landscape architecture firm focused on creating the kind of spaces in which people want to spend time. They are recognized for their collaborative approach, but it is their ability to create beautiful presentations and infuse each project with thoughtful details that sets them apart.

We started partnering with Landworks Studio on a research and brand refresh project, but have since teamed with them on more endeavors. Our work together has included:

  • Leading an internal workshop to identify key target audiences, internal perceptions and long-term goals.
  • Developing and distributing a customer survey.
  • Conducting market research.
  • Gathering, analyzing and presenting findings.
  • Creating mission and vision statements, along with an elevator speech.
  • Teaming with a graphic designer to refresh existing brand materials, including the identity system, proposal templates, presentations, infographics and icons.
  • Writing messaging to align with new branding direction.
  • Developing a strategic launch plan, along with any necessary materials.
  • Writing press releases.
  • Creating and distributing quarterly newsletters.
  • Developing and managing an editorial calendar, as well as writing monthly blog content.
  • Streamlining the layout of their online portfolio.

Developing Innovations

Multipub is a subscription and audience management platform used by organizations across the country. Recognized for its robust accounting capabilities, this platform helps businesses do more with less.

Dotted Line Marketing was hired in 2012 to help grow the company’s marketing efforts. Together, we have:

  • Developed a new logo, identity system and branding guidelines.
  • Managed the strategic redesign of their website.
  • Created annual marketing plans with tactics aligned to goals.
  • Teamed with a designer to create new brochures.
  • Wrote and distributed press releases.
  • Created compelling blog content.
  • Designed new brochures, handouts and fliers within existing brand standards.
  • Created sales emails and newsletters.
  • Interviewed clients for online profiles.
  • Conducted client surveys.
  • Managed the creation of a new tradeshow booth.
  • Evaluated the existing sales process and made recommendations to streamline and automate aspects of it.
  • Marketed a webinar series targeted to prospective clients.
  • Developed and promoted a client webinar series.
  • Launched new services.

MVW & Associates
Finding Ways Home

MVW & Associates has been helping people in the Kansas City metro area buy and sell homes for more than a decade. Led by Mindy VonWolf, the company’s honest, straightforward approach sets them apart from the competition.

When we started working with MVW, they wanted to build a recognizable brand. We identified assets that would help them achieve this goal, and through our partnership with a graphic design firm, we were able to deliver:

  • A new logo, business cards, envelopes, thank you cards, letterhead, and yard signs.
  • Redesigned promotional items for customers.
  • A website refresh, which included new targeted copy, content, and imagery and was also built on an existing Keller Williams website platform.
  • A customized social media plan, which allows MVW to manage their own presence strategically.
  • An updated Zillow profile that reflects the new brand.

Tran + Thomas Design Studio
Bringing Luxury to Life

Tran + Thomas Design Studio is a commercial and residential interior design firm. Their award-winning designers are known for their luxurious and original design solutions. The owners, Jill and Carmen, have infectious personalities and a forward-thinking point of view.

Dotted Line Marketing has provided the following services for Tran + Thomas:

  • Set an editorial calendar, written copy and promoted activity on their company blog.
  • Developed strategic marketing plans.
  • Created newsletters to showcase their design work and expertise.
  • Written and distributed press releases.
  • Created compelling sales campaigns for targeted audiences.
  • Shared original content and design expertise via social media.

Curating Signature Experiences

Wellington curates signature experiences for their clients’ brands. Their commitment to providing high-quality, innovative events and gifts has made them an industry leader.

We’ve teamed on a number of projects, including:

  • Creating responses to proposals.
  • Conducting sales research for the business development team.
  • Developing and executing the marketing strategy for events.
  • Creating signage and managing mobile app content development for the Mid-America Corporate Growth Conference.
  • Teaming with developers on the creation of the EVE website.