New Align Service Launches Today

We created our new program, Align, because we noticed many small businesses struggled with the same marketing challenges. They weren’t sure which markets to enter, how to articulate what made them different or even, whether or not a new social media channel was a great fit. This was the case for both organizations who’d been in business for many years and those who were just starting out.

They needed a partner to cut through the chatter and help them focus on their vision and mission, so we took our project approach and reimagined it as standalone program.

Designed for small businesses, Align helps organizations use their time and resources in the most meaningful and efficient way. To begin, we set goals as a team and then, create a two-month, strategic marketing plan with those ideas in mind.This allows organizations to focus their efforts on the areas that really matter.

When the plan is in place, participants will have the opportunity to test it, while we act as a guide. After two months, we’ll review the plan together and fine tune it. At the end of Align, businesses have a tested marketing plan that considers their available resources and is designed to help them reach their goals.

Put your goals into action.
Learn more about Align here or contact me at 913.461.7203 or to sign up today.