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  • Telling Your Story through Video

    Recently, we partnered with Affinis Corp on the creation of a new video. It was important to them that it illustrated their vision for the company, which is to “move communities forward.” Instead of telling the story from their point-of-view, they wanted to highlight the people who were most impacted by their design, asking them […]

  • Defining Your Sales Process

    Focusing on sales is a no-brainer, but for many business-to-business companies, defining a process can be a challenge. Often, approaches and steps evolve depending upon the client and type of project. Companies can often see it as limiting and arbitrary to create a plan, because each sale is so different. However, when you take the […]

  • Unlocking New Leads with Webinars

    Gathering qualified leads simplifies sales efforts, but determining which customers are really interested shouldn’t require a tarot card reader. Several years ago, we helped one of our long-time clients, Multipub, launch a webinar series for prospective users. Like many B2B companies, their products and services are complex, and their sales cycle is long. With webinars, […]