5 Steps for Streamlining Your Website

Often, a year or so after launch, a new site starts to lose some of its original organization and structure. New pages and resources are added, but they might not fit into your existing framework. Important information becomes hard to find, minimizing your ability to sell online.

If your site has lost its way, try these five, easy steps for establishing order online:

  1. Take a quick inventory of your site, making an outline of its setup.
  2. Begin placing like pages together and create new categories.
  3. Some items might not fit. Ask yourself if they could be incorporated in a new way. A blog post or linked document might make sense. If it’s a compelling sales asset, it may warrant the creation of a new group.
  4. After reviewing the sets of like pages, choose meaningful, search-friendly names for each one.
  5. Reorganize your site to fit the newly developed structure.