goal setting

Goal Setting

As we swing into a new year, it’s important to take a step back and reflect. By considering what went well, along with which areas need work, you can set meaningful, effective goals for the next phase.

Choosing a direction for growth can be overwhelming, but when you take an objective look, the answers become a lot clearer. In reviewing the past year, we recommend you:

  1. Think about what your company is doing well, putting an emphasis on the areas that are different than your competition.
  2. Examine the items that need improvement. What should be streamlined? Are there outstanding tasks you’d like to complete?
  3. Objectively consider why things may not have worked. Are these areas you can improve or should you alter your course?

Now, it’s time to create the goals. Keep the list small, so that it is manageable, memorable and achievable. The items you choose should showcase your competitive advantage, tackle any obstacles and align with your brand.

After you have them in place, do a quick check.

  1. Are these achievable?
  2. Do you have the resources in place, or will you need help?
  3. Do they align with your long-term vision for the company?

If your response is no to any of these, make adjustments until you can answer yes to all of them. When your goals are finalized, it’s time to create your objectives and plan of attack. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing how to put your goals in to action. Next week, we’ll share our take on objectives.